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I’m tired of being tired.

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Best friends,

Are not the people you hangout with 24/7. They’re the ones who you can tell anything too and you know you can trust them. They are the ones who don’t judge you, they like you for you. You can be yourself around them and they can be there self around you. That’s what a best friend really is. No matter how far away they are, or if they go to a different school they can still be your best friend.

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12th graders: ew 11th graders
11th graders: ew 10th graders
10th graders: ew 9th graders
9th graders: ew middle schoolers
middle schoolers: ew elementary kids
elementary kids: ew babies
babies: ew fetus
fetus: ew wait how am i talking
me in the summer: is it wednesday or sunday



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i have this really unattractive thing on my face called my face

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Those moments


When you’re waiting for someone to initiate the conversation, and that person you’re waiting for, is doing the exact same thing. And when one of you finally has it in them to say something, the other person is just overjoyed. It’s a win/win situation if you think about it though. As long as you both exchange words at the end, it’s rainbows and butterflies for the both of you. And when you realize what the both of you were doing, waiting for each other…You just smile.

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friend: move you're blocking the view
me: I am the view.
Love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

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